Accounting for your security deposits.
Today, it's not enough to simply offer basic security deposit management solutions. More and more, your customers are requiring flexible accounting alternatives for managing their rent security funds. Many times you're left struggling to offer additional services and improve productivity-and still maintain your profitability.

The Security Tracker solution.
Escrow Manager's Security Tracker system for landlord/tenant security accounting offers an integrated, on-site solution for managing multi-level landlord/tenant relationships. Designed for small- to mid-sized banks, property managers and other organizations that require recording, processing and maintaining tenant security deposits, Security Tracker provides you with a fast, cost-effective security deposit management solution.

Be secure with your security deposits.
With Security Tracker, you benefit from the maximum accessibility of your security deposit information. Bank, interest rate, landlord, building and tenant transaction data is immediately available-increasing your customer satisfaction and decreasing your process management costs.

Security Tracker provides you with improved process automation. The system is easy to use and provides rapid initial data setup along with transaction entry forms designed to optimize your performance. This simple, cost-effective account processing protects your bottom line.

With Security Tracker, you also benefit from the most comprehensive management reporting. The system includes daily transaction reporting, balance reports and full tax audit and IRS reporting solutions that support your clients' requirements for fully automated business processes.

Look under the hood.
The Security Track system provides advanced features such as:

  • Separate landlord/building relationships.
  • Multiple tenants within a unit allow for current, past and future tenants to be recorded.
  • Tenant final withdrawal processing of checks and interest payment.
  • Interest paid can be shared with landlord.
  • Interest can be paid by check or posted to the escrow account balance.
  • Multiple interest rate tables can be assigned and maintained. You have full control over the interest rates and their effective dates.
  • All transactions are recorded for audit control purposes and can be viewed on screen.
  • 1099INT forms are generated, along with IRS required magnetic media reporting.
  • All data can be exported to Microsoft Excel for use in internal reports
  • Customization is available.

Ease of connectivity and training.
Security Tracker is designed to operate in the Windows 95/98, 2000 and NT environments and can be interfaced to your core accounting applications. The system requires little to no technical expertise, and implementation and training can be accomplished in as little as a few hours-minimizing your overall software investment.

Customized for the way you work.
When selecting the Security Tracker solution, your organization benefits from an experienced team of escrow managers, technical experts and industry consultants. In addition to installation and training, we provide ongoing support, customized programming, maintenance services, telephone support, quality assurance and technical consulting-all customized to meet your individual business requirements.

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