Accounting for your receipts and disbursements.
There's no denying that escrow fund receipt and disbursement can be chaotic tasks. Whether it's recording receipts, writing checks, reconciling accounts or simply delivering statements, you require a solution that helps you organize and manage your data, reduces your administrative costs, and helps increase your profitability.

The Client Tracker solution.
Escrow Manager's Client Tracker system offers a timely and cost-effective solution for managing the receipt and disbursements of your escrow funds. The system is designed for law firms, real estate brokers, nursing homes or any other organization that requires the ability to record escrow receipts and disbursements from clients. Client Tracker generates checks, performs check reconcilement, and produces the period statements your clients require to efficiently manage their accounts.

Chaos organized.
Connecting with your customers need not be complicated. Client Tracker provides you with centralized control and the ability to properly account for all funds collected and disbursed. Transactions can be easily accessed and viewed on screen for specific time periods, and in chronological, debit and credit summary sections. With organized data, you can significantly improve your customer service while reducing your overall cost-to-serve.

Client Tracker's data entry and account management increases your ability to service your clients. By automating the receipt and disbursement process, the system minimizes your administrative overhead and eliminates common errors associated with manual posting systems. This, in turn, lowers costs and increases profit margins.

Simplify your approach.
Now your organization can simplify its approach to tracking and managing your receipts and disbursements by leveraging the following features of the Client Tracker system:

  • Separate master accounts for each bank account.
  • Master accounts can have any number of associated client accounts.
  • Enhanced check printing.
  • Detailed statements generated to client accounts.
  • Statements present all transaction activity for the period in separate chronological, credit, debit and summary sections.
  • Automated monthly bank reconciliation.
  • Third-party file available for frequently used payees and receive from names.
  • All transactions are recorded for audit control and can be viewed on screen.
  • Data can be exported to Microsoft Excel for use in external reports.
  • Customization is available.

Ease of connectivity and training.
Client Tracker is designed to operate in the Windows 95/98, 2000 and NT environments. The system requires little to no technical expertise, and implementation and training can be accomplished in as little as a few hours-minimizing your overall software investment.

Customized for the way you work.
When selecting the Client Tracker solution, your organization benefits from an experienced team of escrow managers, technical experts and industry consultants. In addition to installation and training, we provide ongoing support, customized programming, maintenance services, telephone support, quality assurance and technical consulting-all customized to meet your individual business requirements.

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Client Tracker Overview

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